Workshop aim/scope:

The continued improvements in high performance computing capabilities are resulting in data of unprecedented size and complexity. Historically topological and statistical techniques have provided succinct summaries of features and trends for a variety of data types. However, the continued increases in the size, dimensionality, and number of variables are presenting new challenges that are hindering our ability to manage, analyze and visualize the results of large-scale simulations. This workshop will bring together prominent members of the community to foster collaborations and discuss a number of relevant active research topics including:

Keynote Speakers:

Theory: Professor Herbert Edelsbrunner at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Application: Professor Valerio Pascucci at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute, School of Computing, University of Utah

Planned outcome:

Shortly after the workshop we will request papers from attendees. These will be peer-reviewed with the aim of publishing the contributions collectively as a book in Springer’s Mathematics and Visualization series.

Workshop logistics:

The workshop will be held in Le Barp, France (near Bordeaux) June 12-14 and will comprise 3 days of talks, panels, and open discussions. A tour of a large laser facility, the Laser Megajoule (LMJ), will be organized. A reception dinner on the first evening will be held in a traditional restaurant.

Organizing Committee

  • Fabien Vivodtzev, fabien.vivodtzev@cea.fr (CEA)
  • Janine Bennett, jcbenne@sandia.gov (Sandia National Laboratory)
  • Philippe Pébay, philippe.pebay@kitware.com (Kitware SAS)

  • CEA Sandia National Laboratory Kitware
    Images courtesy Attila Gyulassy